Factors affecting hair loss

Hair decays over time then sheds off and in its place a new hair grows from the hair follicle. However, when this cycle of shedding and growing new hair is disrupted by the death of hair follicle or scarring, hair loss occurs. Losing of hair can be permanent or a temporary. With temporary hair loss, hair rejuvenates after sometime while with permanent hair loss, there is complete loss of hair which requires specialized treatment if hair is to regrow.  Many people would have heard about this product called Lipogaine, a unique formula which stops hair loss and helps in the regrowth of hair also.

You may be wondering what factors affect hair loss.

  1. The death of hair follicle which is the root of hair would mean hair would not regrow but in its place a scar tissue sets up.
  2. Hormonal changes in the body may cause hair loss. In women such changes include the birth of a child, pregnancy or in some cases, the onset of menopause. Losing hair due to change in the body’s hormones is temporary. Hair regrows after a balance is restored in hormone level in the body. Thyroid glands releases hormones in the body therefore a failure of the thyroid gland causes hair loss.
  3. Sometimes, the body’s immune system may attack the hair follicles in the scalp causing a permanent baldness. A skin disorder known as Alopecia. This attack on the hair follicle however, leaves no scars on the skin but a soft round bald patch on the surface.
  4. Infections by ringworm leads to a temporary hair loss. Ringworm causes damage to hair and skin leaving ringed scaly patches. On treating a ringworm infection, hair regrows.
  5. Trichotilomania is a disorder in which one has a dire desire to pull off their hair. This forced pulling of hair damages the hair follicle causing hair loss.
  6. Some types of hair loss disorders could be a gene disorder in a person. Therefore one inherits hair loss disorder. This type of baldness eats off hair in a predictable pattern. The hair line recedes gradually by growing thinner and smaller. Hereditary hair loss is most common in men and begins as early as puberty.
  7. Medication drugs such as those used by cancer patients, drugs for birth control and high blood pressure drugs may cause hair loss.
  8. Vitamins are essential life sustaining organic components, however, too much ingestion of vitamin A causes hair loss.
  9. Certain sudden stimulus in the body such as weight loss, stress or shock can trigger temporary hair loss. However, on recovery, hair growth resumes naturally.
  10. Besides factors within the human body causing hair loss, hair loss factors can be external. Radiations to a human skin through skin therapy can cause hair loss. Hair may regrow but not as it was before.
  11. How you treat and groom your hairstyle can cause hair loss. Such grooming as hairstyles that tightly pull your hair, hot scalp treatments may cause damage to the hair follicle leading to hair loss.

However damaged your hair may be, it can be treated back to life. Lipogaine is an effective and affordable high quality hair loss remedy trusted by men and women all over the world.