Best Way To Get Rid Of Morning Sickness Naturally

Morning Sickness

Pregnancy is a unique experience especially the first time for every woman. The body goes through hormonal and structural changes rigorously, and one of the ways body reacts to this development is through nausea known as morning sickness commonly and nausea gravidarum in medical terms. A prevalent symptom, women experience excessive nausea generally in the early months of pregnancy. The science behind it is, once you conceive the female body excretes a hormone human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in large quantities. It is essential to ensure that the baby can get all the nourishment and critical inputs from the mother’s body in the initial weeks of pregnancy. Once the placenta is fully developed and takes over the nourishing responsibilities, the levels of this hormone drop, and as a result of the vomiting feeling also goes off. Since taking excessive medication during pregnancy is not suggested; therefore, people are exploring natural remedies for morning sickness. offer specialized articles and information regarding pregnancy with various home remedies and medical assistance.

Specific ways to ease the nausea problem by making changes in lifestyle may include relaxing, taking rest and if possible take some time off from work. Taking little meals in small intervals will help. Avoid eating heavy, fried and spicy food which can aggravate the vomiting feeling. Keep yourself well hydrated, keep taking lemon juice and other such refreshing natural drinks in short intervals. Including foods rich in vitamin B6 like avocado, bananas and chicken also help to reduce nausea.

Some therapies which can help you get over the uneasiness include:
1. Acupressure techniques: There have been studies showing improvement in the morning sickness after using acupuncture to relieve the discomfort. It can be performed anywhere anytime by just pressing the acupressure points (pericardium point six) located on your wrist for 20 to 30 times at one-second interval.
2. Aromatherapy: It depends on the individual’s body reaction to strong smells of oil, how it reacts. Sometime this may worsen the nausea feeling. Taking a small trial is always better. Specific natural oil aromas which may prove helpful include peppermint, lemon, lime, mandarin, orange and ginger essential oil. One should be careful using ginger oil, because in some cases it may cause bleeding and trigger contractions.
3. Herbal remedies and drinks: Depending upon the natural tendency of your body you should opt for herbal remedies. For example, people who are already hot-blooded, should not have ginger herbal teas because it also has the hot characteristic. Alternatively, peppermint has a cold tendency, therefore suitable for women who feel constantly hot, feel irritated and hot-tempered while experiencing nausea. Other options may include lemon balm tea, chamomile tea.
4. Homoeopathy: A different treatment vertical altogether does not have any side effects. Therefore, it may be helpful in some cases.
5. Reflexology: This therapy focuses on your foot. It is believed, that by pressing specific points on foot may reduce the nausea intensity tremendously.

Please note although it’s a very standard symptom during initial weeks of pregnancy, if it sustains for long and is causing a lot of discomforts, one should consult their gynecologist straightaway.