Exciting Medical Benefits Of Cannabis


Medical cannabis has been used to cure various ailments in olden days. In modern days, the scientists have discovered more benefits of this cannabis. Despite the modern government enforcing severe restriction on the consumption of the cannabis, doctors, experts and commoners realize the importance of this plant. The concept of Medical cannabis clinic is becoming more popular in recent times. If you wish to know more about the cannabis and other related information, you may check at www.heraldextra.com. Now let us look into some of the significant benefits of cannabis.

Many studies in recent days have revealed that cannabis has the tendency to slow down and kill cancer, which is one of the highly fatal diseases. Cancer is caused when the cancer cells, which forms in the specific area of the body, gets continuously multiplied. The cannabis has the tendency to turn off the gene or cells, which causes the cancer cells to multiply. Modern medicine treats the cancer through painful surgeries or radiation therapy. Cannabis helps to cure in a natural way, without any pain.

Alzheimer’s is one of the dangerous diseases, which have been threatening the middle and old age people. THC is the cannabis which has the tendency to stop the progression and also reverse the disease. Alzheimer’s mainly happens due to the beta-Amyloid plaques formation in the brain. THC has the power to restrict the enzyme that produces the plaques.

Glaucoma is one of the diseases caused by excessive pressure in the eye. Glaucoma is highly non-curable by the modern medicine, which can result in total blindness. According to some studies and researches, cannabis can correct the eye pressure level, thereby minimizing or preventing the chances of glaucoma.

Cannabis is considered as an effective medicine for curing or minimizing epileptic seizures. THC in the cannabis restricts the brain cells responsible for relaxation and excitement, thereby controlling the possibilities of epileptic seizures.

Multiple sclerosis can also be effectively treated with cannabis. The people suffering from multiple sclerosis have found great relief from the pain and other symptoms.

Parkinson’s disease is a disease, which affects aged people, and results in severe trembling of arms and legs. There are various proofs that cannabis effectively minimize the trembling and makes the life more manageable and easier for the sufferers.

Crohn’s disease can also be cured by cannabis. This plant can make the intestinal function normal and can also help in promoting healthy bacteria.

Hepatitis C is a disease, which is hard to cure and the treatment also causes painful side effects. Due to the severe pain, many people have stopped taking the treatment. The recent findings say that many patients were able to complete the treatment with the help of the cannabis. Cannabis helps to increase the effective of the treatment and also minimize the possible side effects.

Cannabis can also reduce or prevents the anxiety. Cannabis can produce relaxing effect, which can prevent various mental disorders. However, one should remember that excessive consumption of cannabis could result in anxiety. To attain the desired effect, you should know how much quantity of cannabis should be consumed.

Fully Utilize Vortex Water To Boost Your Health

Vortex Water

What is special and unique about the Vortex Water Revitalizer that makes it one of the most talked about product today? A cross-section of the vortex water module revealed several health benefits and secrets, according to reports in www.healthline.com. The sample showed a twisted helix-shaped structure, similar to the DNA strands in human body. The concept used is very simple, and due credit must be given to Viktor Schauberger, an Austrian naturalist who inspired the creators of the vortex model.

May The Force Be With You

For beginners, vortex is a space or area in fluid where the flow turns around a given axis that can either be straight or curved. If you have observed streams and rivers, there is a formation of vortices in the event of a whirlpool or a tornado. Take another instance where you stir a cup of soup or tea with a spoon. What do you see? A vortex is formed in the center of the cup.

Tryst With Physics

In fluid dynamics, a formation of a vortex is an interesting phenomenon as it equates force and velocity. Scientists note that the motion of the fluid in a vortex results in the formation of a dynamic pressure that is greater near the axis and fades away as one moves towards the core area.

Where does all this lead to? The same concept is applied in life to create renewed water that is rich in anti-bacterial and offers health benefits. The Vortex Water, as it is commonly referred to, has been designed to turn back the effects of toxins on natural water. Along the Vortex pipe, the double helix imitates the movement of water in nature and the formation of the powerful vortex along the pathway.

Benefits Of Vortex Water

1. Micro-clusters: Unlike tap water that has large interlinked molecules of water, Vortex Water consists of micro-clusters that are easily assimilated by the body. This water results in better hydration, improved taste, and quality and elimination of heavy gases like chlorine.

2. Triggers the dissolved oxygen- Due to the strong implosion process, there is an increase in the presence of dissolved oxygen. These interact with toxins and pollutants present in the water and renders them less effective to the human body. It is also interesting to note that this dissolved oxygen creates an unfavorable environment for harmful bacteria like E.Coli.
Dissolved oxygen in water aids in the formation of aerobic or friendly bacteria that help in effective breakdown of waste and transportation of essential minerals to the plant cells.

3. Better Health- The human body can easily absorb Vortex Water and lends a feeling of restored energy in the body. There is better elimination of waste and toxins from cells, and the taste of the water feels better on your tongue.

4. Skin and hair- With continuous usage of Vortex Water, your skin and hair show significant improvement.

5. Softens hard water- The presence of minerals in hard water is not removed, but the gradual flow of water inside the pipe softens the water. This change is evident after cleansing vessels in Vortex water. There is no build-up of a flaky residue and the kitchen tiles, and bathroom floors are easier to clean.

Factors affecting hair loss

Hair decays over time then sheds off and in its place a new hair grows from the hair follicle. However, when this cycle of shedding and growing new hair is disrupted by the death of hair follicle or scarring, hair loss occurs. Losing of hair can be permanent or a temporary. With temporary hair loss, hair rejuvenates after sometime while with permanent hair loss, there is complete loss of hair which requires specialized treatment if hair is to regrow.  Many people would have heard about this product called Lipogaine, a unique formula which stops hair loss and helps in the regrowth of hair also.

You may be wondering what factors affect hair loss.

  1. The death of hair follicle which is the root of hair would mean hair would not regrow but in its place a scar tissue sets up.
  2. Hormonal changes in the body may cause hair loss. In women such changes include the birth of a child, pregnancy or in some cases, the onset of menopause. Losing hair due to change in the body’s hormones is temporary. Hair regrows after a balance is restored in hormone level in the body. Thyroid glands releases hormones in the body therefore a failure of the thyroid gland causes hair loss.
  3. Sometimes, the body’s immune system may attack the hair follicles in the scalp causing a permanent baldness. A skin disorder known as Alopecia. This attack on the hair follicle however, leaves no scars on the skin but a soft round bald patch on the surface.
  4. Infections by ringworm leads to a temporary hair loss. Ringworm causes damage to hair and skin leaving ringed scaly patches. On treating a ringworm infection, hair regrows.
  5. Trichotilomania is a disorder in which one has a dire desire to pull off their hair. This forced pulling of hair damages the hair follicle causing hair loss.
  6. Some types of hair loss disorders could be a gene disorder in a person. Therefore one inherits hair loss disorder. This type of baldness eats off hair in a predictable pattern. The hair line recedes gradually by growing thinner and smaller. Hereditary hair loss is most common in men and begins as early as puberty.
  7. Medication drugs such as those used by cancer patients, drugs for birth control and high blood pressure drugs may cause hair loss.
  8. Vitamins are essential life sustaining organic components, however, too much ingestion of vitamin A causes hair loss.
  9. Certain sudden stimulus in the body such as weight loss, stress or shock can trigger temporary hair loss. However, on recovery, hair growth resumes naturally.
  10. Besides factors within the human body causing hair loss, hair loss factors can be external. Radiations to a human skin through skin therapy can cause hair loss. Hair may regrow but not as it was before.
  11. How you treat and groom your hairstyle can cause hair loss. Such grooming as hairstyles that tightly pull your hair, hot scalp treatments may cause damage to the hair follicle leading to hair loss.

However damaged your hair may be, it can be treated back to life. Lipogaine is an effective and affordable high quality hair loss remedy trusted by men and women all over the world.

This Is Why And How You Should Be Using Electric Shavers

The woes of a woman never end when it comes to hair removal. There are endless ways to get a smooth skin from waxing to tweezing to laser removal to shaving. Each method has their pros and cons. Today we will tackle just one of them – shaving using an electric razor. There are a number of options available for women’s electric razor reviews that tempt you to buy them all. A simple glimpse at www.elle.com/ and an endless list of brands of razors will pop up. This article will give you tips and tricks to using an electric razor. It will discuss both wet and dry shavers.

An electric razor is a good option for those women who like to shave instead of wax because it prevents any cuts and nicks that turn out to be painful and ugly looking. The main difference between a dry electric razor and wet one is the usage. A wet electric razor is used in the shower while a dry one is recommended not to. The technique they use to cut hair is similar. Even the way they are used is very similar.

The most important thing when shaving legs or hands is that the skin of the area is prepared properly. The outcome will depend upon this preparation. A prepped skin will prevent damage not only during the shaving process but also after. This is how one should use a dry electric razor. Begin by washing the area with warm water. Here we will pick legs as an example. With lukewarm water and gentle soap thoroughly clean your legs. The warm water will make the skin supple while the soap will remove any dirt. After washing dry using a spongy towel by dabbing it onto the legs. This process also makes the hair supple and thus easier to remove. The skin also becomes more pliable therefore the chance of nicks and cuts reduces.

Now take the shaver and move in an upward motion. Start from the ankles and move towards the thighs. This makes sure that the cut is made against the hair. Move the electric shaver in a circular motion. A note here is to check which motion is recommended by the shaver you are using. Check your legs and move back to any hair that might have still be left. After you are done, rinse your legs with water or just wipe them down gently with a soft towel. The next step is to moisturize the skin. This is vital and not meant to be skipped at any cost. The cream will help repair any skin damage and prevent dehydration of the legs.

If you prefer an electric wet shave, the only thing different you have to do is to use a shaving gel while removing the hair. Because this keeps this skin moist and lubricated the entire time one is shaving, a wet shaver is kinder to the body. This is why it can be used in a shower or bath, unlike a dry electric shaver.